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Conquest International LLC

Conquest International LLC is Envirolyte’s primary authorized distributor of commercial water electrolyzers for the production of High pH Alkaline Ionized Water for drinking and cooking and is a US and International Marketing and Sales Agent for the full range of all other types of Envirolyte electrolyzer systems.

Conquest International LLC specializes in:

Water Treatment and Purification.

Wastewater Remediation and Reuse.

Electro-Chemical Activation of Water.

Conquest represents Envirolyte Industries International Ltd [Tallinn, Estonia. who is the world leader in the Manufacture of Commercial Water Electrolyzers.

On behalf of Envirolyte Industries International Ltd, Conquest International LLC is:

 The Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for Envirolyte Commercial Water Electrolyzers that produce High pH Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water for Bottled Water Plants, Water Stores, Health and Fitness Centers.

The Primary Distributor for:

The US, Mexico and the Caribbean.
The US Military and All Other US Government Agencies.

An Authorized US and International Marketing and Sales Agent for the full range of all types of Envirolyte electrolyzer systems.


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