EL-10000Neutral Anolyte and Catholyte


The Envirolyte EL-10000 is a further development of Envirolyte machines with bigger output capacity to suit our customers qrowing needs for bigger volumes of activated solutions.

The Envirolyte EL-10000 has been designed for production of Neutral Anolyte only with option for Catholyte isolation for PH correction of Neutral Anolyte or Acidic Anolyte and Catholyte only.

Easy operating procedures give added benefits to rapid delivery of safe and fast acting disinfectan - Neutral Anolyte.

The strenght of Neutral Anolyte in terms of active chlorine concentration can be adjasted by current setting.

The Envirolyte EL-10000 unit has been developed to produce Neutral Anolyte (~1000L per hour) on the spot and on demand when disinfecting, sterilisation and water purification are required.

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  • >>The control system of EL-10000 units is simple and easy to operate. It can be altered to suit different applications and conditions.
  • >>The unit has a brine pump for easy and reliable delivery of brine to the cell.
  • >>The enclosures are made of non-corrosive materials. Tubes and connectors are of EPDM/PVDF plastics and are highly resistant against aggressive solutions. Envirolyte EL-10000
  • >>All input and output connectors are located on the sides of the boxes to allow them wall-mountable.
  • >>A simple on/off switch with power indicator starts and stops the EL-10000 units manually.
  • >>A self-cleaning cycle has been programmed into the machine, which ensures easy maintenance and maximum productivity. Envirolyte EL-6000
  • >>The unique design of the diaphragmatic cell ensures that electrolyte used in the processing of solutions has maximum contact with the electrodes and therefore ensures the most effective use of energy and minimum salt consumption.
  • >>There is a minimal hydraulic resistance against liquids flowing through the cell chambers and therefore an optimum flow rate is achieved.
  • >>The electrodes are specifically designed to endure high electrochemical loading as are the membranes, separate the solutions.
  • >>No moveable or replaceable parts.
  • Output capacity: 1000 LPH of ANK-Neutral Anolyte ONLY with possibility for Catholyte isolation for Ph correction of ANK or Acidic Anolyte (50%-80%) and Catholyte (50%-20%)ONLY
    FAC (Minimum): 500 ppm
    Power source: 380 - 415V 50 hZ/3 phase
    Salt consumption per 1 liter of Anolyte: ~5-7 g depending on the source water * EL-10000 generators with lower salt consumption are available upon request
    Flushing mode: Manual

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