ECO 1500

Envirolyte ECO units are designed for purifying tap water that doesn's meet the WHO (World Health Organisation) health standards. Not only does it kill all bacteria and viruses in the water within seconds, but also reduces heavy metal content to European safety standards and produces pleasant-tasting potable water, retaining most of its beneficial mineral contents.

The process involved in the production of potable water has been developed over many years and still has no analogues. Envirolyte ECO units has undergone technical and independent medical-biological testing, confirming that it destroys even extreme levels of bacteria and viruses in water as well as organic compounds (including phenols), rendering it safe, tasty and drinkable.

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  • Water purification in Envirolyte ECO units is achieved by oxidation and reduction that destroy and neutralize all hazardous substances. The concept of water treatment in Envirolyte ECO units may by summarized as follows: such treatment removes everything that is harmful for and alien to a human body and retains all that is useful and harmless.
  • Envirolyte water posesses exellent absorption and hydrating potential, having smaller cluster size and greater concentration of soluble minerals. It reduces over-acidic conditions and increases stabilized oxygen in the human body, contributing to better digestion. Envirolyte water is slightly alkaline, has a low ORP (Oxigen Reduction, redox potential) and is rich in electrones, which makes it an antioxidant.

  • Research of effects of Envirolyte water has been carried out since 1950s. Data has been collected, indicating it is good for arthritis, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhoea, diabetis, heartburn, chronic fatigue, indigestion, high blood pressure, leg cramps, poor circulation, migraines, nausea, obesity, osteoporosis, psoriasis, stress*.

  • Envirolyte water does not replace regular medical treatment,and the above listed uses are not medical advice.No result is guaranteed or predicted.

  • Pure clean water is paramount for good health. If we combine it with a well balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals and regular exercise, we'll be rid of acidic waste that bad eating and drinking habits form in our body.

1: A self-cleaning cycle has been programmed into the machine, which ensures easy maintenance and maximum productivity.
2: The unique design of the diaphragmatic cell ensures the water being processed has maximum contact with the electrodes and therefore the most effective use of energy and better treatment are achieved.
3: There is a minimal hydraulic resistance against water flowing through the cell chambers and therefore optimum flow rate is achieved.
4: The electrodes are specifically designed to endure high electrochemical loading as are the membranes.
5: The enclosure is made of non-corrosive materials. Tubes and connectors are of EPDM/PVDF plastics.
6: A simple on/off switch with a power indicator starts and stops the unit manually.
7: No moveable or replaceable parts.

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