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Envirolyte Commercial Water Electrolyzer Cells

Envirolyte Industries is the world’s leading manufacturer of Proprietary Commercial Water Electrolyzer Cells in which Estonian technology that originated in Russia is used in manufacturing Circular Water Ionizer Cells.

Circular Water Ionizer Cells provide the greatest area of electrode surface with the highest possible electrolysis efficiency.

The Anode and Cathode electrodes of Envirolyte Water Electrolyzer Cells consist of tubular cylinders of Titanium with a proprietary 8-layered coating of Platinum and other rare metals to produce extremely robust and durable electrodes that last up to 10 years -- versus as little as 6 months before the electrodes must be replaced in their competitor’s water cells.

Envirolyte Commercial Water Electrolyzer Cells withstand 50 Volts DC, compared to no more than 18 Volts in their competitor’s water cells.

Due to lack of technical know-how and to lower their manufacturing costs, some of Envirolyte’s competitors coat their titanium electrodes by dipping them in Platinum which does not produce a multi-layered coating of uniform thickness that is essential to the efficiency and life of the electrode.

In some instances, competitors use metals other than Titanium as the electrode core, which further diminishes the quality and efficiency of their water cells.

Titanium is used in Envirolyte Electrolyzer water cells for its resistance to corrosion and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.

In its unalloyed condition Titanium is as strong as steel, but 45% lighter in weight.

Titanium has a melting point of 3034° Fahrenheit.

Titanium is virtually non-magnetic, making it ideal for applications where Electro-Magnetic Forces exist.

Unlike most of their competitors who don’t want their water cell technology known or copied, Envirolyte does not engage in mystery or conceal the basic details of their water cell construction since they want their customers to know the superior quality and durability of their water cells.

To date, no competitor has developed an Electrolyzer cell that is equal to Envirolyte’s Round Water Cells.

Envirolyte estimates it would take an experienced Research and Development Team 3 to 5 years and USD $1 to $2 million in cost to develop a comparable water Electrolyzer cell.

Envirolyte obtained and evaluated a round water cell that had been reverse-engineered from an Envirolyte cell and determined that it was only 25% as efficient as an Envirolyte water cell.


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