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Distributor Information

Conquest International LLC is Envirolyte’s sole authorized distributor for the worldwide sale of ECO Series commercial water electrolyzers for the production of High pH Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW] for drinking and cooking.

In addition, Conquest is a US and International Marketing and Sales Agent for all other types of Envirolyte water electrolyzer systems anywhere worldwide in presently open territory. As such, interested US and foreign parties are being sought to become Authorized Conquest Marketing and Sales Agents and Dealers for Envirolyte products.

Conquest is authorized to open dialogue with foreign candidates with the view of such party receiving Exclusive Country-Wide Envirolyte Distributor Rights based on satisfactory performance during an interim trial period.

Upon Conquest notifying Envirolyte that a candidate has placed a qualifying order for 3 Envirolyte commercial water electrolyzers [Catholyte unit, Anolyte unit and Neutral Anolyte unit], Envirolyte will grant the candidate Exclusive Country-Wide Marketing Rights for an interim trial period of 6 months.

If the candidate performs satisfactorily during the 6 month trial period, Envirolyte will allow Conquest to extend the exclusive mandate appointment for at least 1 year, with consecutive renewal periods thereafter as necessary for the candidate to produce a recurring sales volume that justifies them being permanently granted Exclusive Country-Wide Envirolyte Distributor Rights.

The dealer will function as an Interim Buyer/Re-Seller of Envirolyte equipment that is purchased from Conquest.

The dealer will retain 100% of the profit mark-up between the dealer’s purchase price and selling price – plus profits from technical services in the installation and repair of equipment.

Interested parties, please contact Conquest International LLC for details


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